Sunday Worship Services
  • 14542 North Highway 59
    Natural Dam, AR 72948

  • Main Building

Sunday Worship Services

Recurring Event

These services happen weekly.

What to Expect

You can expect friendly people and an atmosphere where you are free to worship Jesus!

Here you will meet farmers, ranchers, business owners, retail workers, teachers, lawyers, stay at home moms, and people from all walks of life in our rural church.

We strive to be welcoming to every single person who enters our door…and we hope to have the opportunity to welcome YOU soon.

Our services include singing, giving, prayer, and preaching from God’s Word, the Bible. We are an Assemblies of God church (pentecostal), which means we believe in being Spirit-led and Spirit-filled. The gifts of the Spirit will be active in our services, making it a lively engaging experience for you…but don’t worry, we don’t force anyone to be just like us.

We believe you will see the difference and feel the difference when you are in the presence of the Lord.

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